Is your company simply pushing sales and discounts?

It’s a typical workday morning and your readers are still waking up, armed with their phone in hand as they either sleepily make their first cup of coffee or brush their teeth. More importantly, it’s also prime e-mail checking time.

So, dear marketer – what type of subject lines are your readers waking up to? Sales and discounts perhaps?

Below is a screencap of my inbox one recent morning, in which I was flooded with the usual “buy, buy, buy” messaging. That is…until I read the subject line from Sears. Truth is, even though Sears was in fact still pushing a sale of sorts, the initial words YOU’RE APPRECIATED made my eyes come to a quick halt. Me? Appreciated? Here’s something us consumers don’t hear often.


Interestingly enough I can’t even recall the last time I actively bought from Sears. If my memory serves me correctly, it was likely back when I bought a set of tires for an older car, leading me to believe I must have somehow got corralled into a marketing list.

Still, days after receiving the email I still remembered and mentioned the subject line to a few colleagues. Sometimes we marketers are so busy being in the thick of it we often lose sight of what customers truly want from us. In some cases it’s to be heard, in others, to feel appreciated.

As for my saga with Sears’ email marketing…truth be told, I didn’t have any desire to purchase from them even after being a fan of their email. In fact, I decided to unsubscribe since their emails have not been relevant to me in a while….or ever to be honest. Thankfully their unsubscribe option was easy to find, otherwise they may have been submitted to spot the unsubscribe.




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