The importance of branding

In an industry where hard sales and revenue metrics are what matters I’m also an advocate in showing the “softer” side of companies. (Maybe Sears was onto something back then…) Because whether or not you believe in the sentiment, a company is only as good as its people and what they stand for. I have the pleasure of working for a company that although is a national retailer, is quite small with regard to our marketing team which has allowed for several ideas to come to fruition.

A few years ago our team had the idea to help a pet in need. Of course, if you’re an animal lover you know there are countless pets in need, so this was a bit of a challenge, but that didn’t dissuade us. It was also at this time that I was given the opportunity to take over a project that was previously based off an entire SEO strategy. With the insights gained in attending conferences like MozCon and reading how SEO was changing in the marketing landscape, it was clear we needed to alter the strategy and focus more on the relationships we built. For business reasons I can’t go into what we did specifically, but I am happy to share the project was a great success from a branding perspective. Below is an example of the email we sent out which came back with positive metrics proving our effort was a success.

Branding nowadays isn’t just a logo or web site, it’s what your company or organization stands for, and can even turn some of your customers into your biggest advocates.

Change a Pet's Life
Lesson learned? If you truly believe in an idea, see it through. This of course applies to not only marketing, but anything in the business world.


Is there a project you were happy to see come to fruition?




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