What’s in your marketing toolbelt?

Provide Value First

As a marketer one of our core objectives is to ensure what we’re doing or creating (okay okay, for most of us it may be selling) is providing value to our consumers or end users. Simple, right? So, I started to think of this recently in my day-to-day interactions with tech and wanted to share some of those tools and resources which I’ve found to be valuable to me.

Let’s dig in!

Marketing industry newsletter
For starters, there’s a great weekly email from the guys over at Marketing Over Coffee. Not only is their podcast on my rotation, but their newsletter is one I actively look forward to reading every Sunday evening/Monday morning so I can stay on top of topics in the industry. Seriously, if you’re not already subscribed, do so now.

Social media automation
A few weeks ago I wanted to improve my social media presence, primarily on Twitter and LinkedIn, and although it’s certainly not a new tool by any means, Buffer has been instrumental in introducing me to numerous pieces of useful and interesting content. Plus, our inbound marketing team just signed up for their paid version since it’s seamless and easy to use.

With Buffer’s ease of use there is a caveat. Part of me feels as though with Twitter specifically, it’s creating a tiny shift in my usual tweeting behavior. What I’ve always loved about Twitter over the years has been it’s real-time updates, but I’ve noticed I don’t necessarily check in as much via Twitter when I have posts “Buffered.” Also, Twitter’s launch of the “While you were away…” pop-up seems to be a notification I see more often since I’m not checking it as often as I used to.

Snapchat unexpectedly sneaks its way in  
Years ago when Snapchat first came out I truthfully had zero interest in it. But a recent conversation with a close friend convinced me to join, and over the past several weeks I’ve come to enjoy it a lot.

Red Nose Day Snapchat version

Dare I say more than Instagram lately? Sure, there was Vine and now there’s Meerkat and Periscope but Snapchat’s My Story functionality is simple and gives an all around “a life in the day of…” vibe which is unique. Most notably and one of my favorite parts is the partnership with several media outlets. It’s a fun and interactive medium for consuming news, and I’m interested in seeing how it will continue to evolve.

Are you on Snapchat? Add me: curiousvariety

Web clipping to the extreme
Evernote has been a go-to tool favorite for as long as I can recall. Initially I started using it for industry article snippets, but it became truly invaluable during the planning of vacations as well as our wedding last year. It’s in full use yet again as we plan our Oaxaca/Dia de Los Muertos vacation later this year.

Industry and leadership motivation
One of my favorite times of the year is Art Basel in Miami. There’s always something to see whether you’re in Wynwood, Midtown or South Beach. Back in 2013 there was an exhibit featuring the work of Hugh McLeod from gapingvoid. It was a pretty spectacular show featuring countless art grouped by topic such as management, company culture, entrepreneurship and so on. Since then I’ve been receiving gapingvoid’s daily emails with some of these same inspirational messages and nuggets of daily wisdom.


Making words into art
And most recently, there’s Notegraphy, a new app I discovered and even used at the beginning of this post! It’s part Pinterest,  Twitter and Photoshop. For some reason upon first use it has been a bit buggy on my iPhone 6 Plus, however, since I like words a lot it does seem like a tool I could see myself possibly using more of.

Notegraphy app


Part of me can’t help but think of this post reminding me of a certain acceptance speech from the movie Clueless. Because let’s be honest, being our successful marketing genius selves takes work and lots of help from others!

With that said, I’d love to know what tools are in your marketing toolbelt! Please leave a comment below and gush about your daily must have tools or resources that help you be awesome.


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