Fact is, we all want sympathy

“Three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy.”

Recently I finished reading two books by Dale Carnegie and his insights on the topic of sympathy was one I found to be quite interesting. Maybe it was his writings still fresh in my mind that sparked a Sudden Clarity Clarence moment of my own; users (including some of my own instances) are using these platforms as a form of therapy, but in many ways to also gain sympathy from one’s peers.

Cue Sudden Clarity Clarence moment

I certainly wish I had this sort of Eureka moment a years ago, however, there’s quite a few articles on the subject, like this one from SocialMedia.Biz.

Certainly none of this is new. Being an online marketer most of my personal social media usage is to keep tabs on what’s new, trends and connecting with others in the industry.

Sure, I’ll sprinkle in some thing random.

and yep, even a sympathy seeking post.

Most of us are guilty of it. But I suppose the question then becomes, “When is it too much?” Simply because we have the ability to share every detail of what we’re feeling does it mean we should on such a public scale? It’s this freedom and thought process of “because I can,” yet even with our advancements in technology, John M. Grohol, PYS.D. seems to say it best when referring to emotional beings and technology meeting…

We don’t quite know how to interact well — mindfully, meaningfully.

Similar to apps that disable texting while driving, maybe in the near future an app will exist that takes into account one’s feelings before allowing on-the-fly status updates.

someecards.com - I like to passive aggressively share my feelings on facebook by posting multiple ecards to get my point across.

What are your thoughts on over-sharing to social networks? Do you find yourself seeking sympathy from your online peers?

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