Pinterest launched Buyable Pins and I accepted the challenge

It’s no secret Pinterest is one of my favorite sites on the web. I’ve used the site to help plan my wedding, vacations, and most recently helped reignite my love of baking over the past few weeks. (As evidenced here and here.) So when Pinterest rolled out buyable pins in June I was a little skeptical as an active user. Of course, putting on my “brand marketer” hat, this new functionality seemed like a great idea both for Pinterest and e-commerce businesses.
One evening as I was one browsing the Pinterest app, a “blue priced” pin by Thug Life Shirts appeared on my feed and I had to buy the item.
Thug Life Shirt, Coffee Create Sleep Repeat on Pinterest
Seeing as I’d use this opportunity (in the name of research of course) I went through the process of buying through the Pinterest app, which was to my surprise…flawless!
The process only included two screens/forms to fill out and it was all inside of the Pinterest app, which I wasn’t expecting.
Buyable Pin Confirmation

Presto. I received a confirmation email and within a few days my purchased arrived.

I tried out Pinterest's Buyable Pins and all I got was this t-shirt

I’m not sure why I was surprised at how incredibly easy the process was, but it proved my skepticism wrong. Maybe it’s because I figured at best it would resemble Paypal’s integrated user experience with some brand web sites. Although my test purchase was only one out of numerous brands taking advantage of the option, I’m interested to see how the functionality progresses over the next few months.

Your turn: Have you tried our buyable pins yet? What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s move into social commerce? Leave a comment below or let me know your thoughts by tweeting me

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